Dmitri and Igor Bukhman are entrepreneurs and the founders of Playrix, one of the leading mobile gaming companies worldwide.

They started selling PC games online while Igor was in college and Dmitri was still in high school. They founded Playrix in 2004 after finishing their degrees in programming.

Playrix games are now played by 100 million people each month, with the total number of downloads exceeding 2.3 billion.

Igor and Dmitri have always believed that quality is the best business plan. Since day one, they've attracted like-minded talent passionate about game development and technology.

The team's dedication and skills have been instrumental in making Playrix thrive, contributing to its position as one of the world’s leading mobile game developers.

The brothers have remained the majority owners of Playrix and have run the company without external funding since the beginning. Leveraging the financial success of Playrix, Igor and Dmitri's families have undertaken a number of investment and philanthropic ventures over the years. Rix Capital serves to support the family in all those activities.